26 Trending Hairstyles For Men In 2019 To Look More Aesthetic & Handsome

26 Trending Hairstyles For Men In 2019 To Look More Aesthetic & Handsome

Trending Hairstyles For Men

When it comes to maintaining your style, haircut plays a vital role.

A good hairstyle will not only make you look has the capability to make you look super attractive.

Just in case you want a decent, charming haircut that suits your face and complements your personality, you can definitely consider our suggestions mentioned below.

Talking about hairstyles, it is the most followed one among the fashion trends today.

There are thousands of hairstyles which are picked up by people every day all over the world. But the point is- which one to choose? Which one will suit your personality?

These are probably the most baffling questions which need to be answered when it comes to picking up a hairstyle. So we thought of making your life a little simple as far as choosing the right hairstyle for you is concerned.

I brought you a clarified list of 26 haircut styles for different face shapes which are trending right now.

By the end of this post, you will be well aware about a number of good hairstyles and the aspects upon which they depend.

Let’s talk about some of the facts about the hairstyles.

According to me, there are some aspects which really matter while choosing your hairstyle. These are:

  • Face cut
  • Jawline
  • The shape of your head
  • The density of the hair
  • Length and thickness of your hair

So just keep in mind these aspects and choose the best hairstyle for you.

1- Brushed up fringe (Low skin fade)

Brushed up fringe hair cut

Well, it is one of most popular haircut, and generally looks good on the long shape heads. With messy hair on the top and short hair on the side of your head, it will add a unique charm to your face.

And yes, a trimmed beard along with it will make you look more attractive.

2- Long  fringe (low fade)

Long  fringe (low fade)

This hairstyle will look good on men having long hair.

With the longer hair on the top of your head and short hair on your side head gives you a stylish look.

It normally makes your top look wavy, and it is mostly recommended for the teenager/youngsters  (between 18-25 years old).

3- Bearded  Man Bun

This hairstyle is trending on top. To get this dashing one, you need long hair and a voluminous beard.

Just tie a bun of your hair and size your beard. And trust me, you will be sporting a killer look in no time.

4- Short  side, medium hair on the top

With the short hair on the side of your head and a medium amount of hair on your top can make a better composition.

And if you have a ‘V’ shaped face cut then this hairstyle is the best for you. Think nothing and just go for this one.

5- Topknot

This hairstyle has become popular recently as it is considered as a millennial style for men.

If your hair is long and density is good, then you must try this hair cut with a knot on the top of your head.

And yes, shave your beard for better results!

6- Spiky  (thick hair on the top)-

The spiky hairstyle is known as the simple and mostly used haircut by men.

This hairstyle can give you a different yet sexy look if you have thick tall hair on the top of your head with medium hair on the side.

7- Messy hair with a messy beard-

For a wild look, go for this hairstyle. With long and messy hair on your head, try a thick and messy beard.

In my opinion, this hairstyle is good for men aged 25 years or above.

8- Total trimmed- 

Total Trimmed

This hairstyle is my personal favourite. If you have a sized, ‘’V’’ shaped, round head then you can kill this hairstyle.

The only thing you have to do is to trim your hair and leave a very short hair.

9- Short sides and slicked back long hair-

It is also known as the ‘Retro’ style haircut for the men.

Short sides and slicked back long hair

With short hair on both sides of your head and long slick back hair will make the people go crazy.

And this haircut will suit men with a strong jawline and a long head.

10- Short dapper hairstyle for men

Short hair generally suit everyone.

So, this short dapper hairstyle is simple and looks amazing if you trim your beard.

11- Long crew cut hairstyle- 

This is one of the coolest version of hairstyle that a man can ever have.

Long on Top Crew Cut

It is also known as military cut in which you need  to trim your side hair and then maintain a slight short hair on the top of your head.

The oval-shaped face is the best companion for this haircut.

12- Long curly hairstyle

Long curly hairstyle

Men with curly hair will get a smooth look if they go for this one.

You just have to size your bouncy curls, then a perfect dressing style will add the infinity level of charm in you.

This is also recommended for oval  heads.

13- Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk Hair cut

The faux haircut attracts everyone.

Generally, faux haircuts are of two types- one is long and another one is short.

Short faux haircut fits on men with thin hair whereas long faux haircut suits men with thick hair. And this hairstyle is highly recommended for the men with round shape heads.

14- The  ‘’David Beckham’’ Hairstyle-

The David Beckham Hairstyle

Who doesn’t know ‘’David Beckham’’.

One of the stylish footballer with a dashing hairstyle.

Well, you can get yourself a haircut like that if you have long and messy hair.

Just size the hair of your side and then leave your top hair long.

It is recommended for all hair types and yes, a trimmed beard is a good companion for this haircut.

15. Bald fade with natural curls

Men with natural curly hair on the top of their head can get this haircut. All you have to do is to create a balding fade on the side of your head and then leave the curls on the top as before.

Trust me you will look good.

16. Mid fade with the Pompadour

Mid fade with the Pompadour

It is also considered as one of the popular men’s hairstyles in the world and is getting more attention than any haircut.

A medium fade on the side of your head and long, high-density hair on the top of your head can give you a better look.

17. Men BOB

Men BOB Hairstyle

Well, it came recently to the fashion world and is also trending.

This haircut is applicable to those men who possess some long and high-density hair.

Well, to get this haircut you have to leave your hair long in perfect size.

18- Structural thick hair-

It is generally suitable for men with thick and long hair.

If it is hard for you to maintain a fade then leave your side hair with a slight haircut and top hair with a resize cut.

19. Textured-Ivy-League-Haircut


This haircut is a type of crew cut.

In this haircut, the top hair will remain small in size with no side fade hair. It gives a sporty look.

20- Wet hair-

This is also a good haircut for men and it is as simple as it sounds.

If you have a high volume of hair and you hate going to the barber frequently, then just apply a combination of gel and water on your hair and just free comb it. It is the most free flowing hairstyle and requires no effort.

21- Textured Quiff- 

The quiff hairstyle has been the first priority of many men in the year goneby.

It is as simple as it sounds, you just have to maintain quiff on the top part of your head and then trim the side part of your head.

The texture generally stands for the high density of hair.

So it is not amazing to know that, this cut will look good on the men having high volume of hair.

22- Sleek side swept quiff

This hairstyle gives you a unique personality and a stylish look.

It is most popular among the Indian men, it consists of very long hair on the top falling to the right/left side of your head.  This will be short hair on the side and back of the head.

23- Buzz with beard-

It will be a good option for the men who hate going to the barber.

Just trim your head on number 2 and maintain a good beard. BONUS POINTS: It is suitable for all type of face shapes. This is the most common among the Indian men of all ages.

24- Bad boy pony tail-

Well this is quite famous in  Bollywood.

Be it Hrithik Roshan, Shah Rukh Khan or Anil Kapoor, everyone is obsessed with this super awesome and stylish haircut.

It is a good hairstyle for the men with long face cut and long hair.

Just tie your hair into a small lower pony to keep the stray hair away from falling on your face


Maintain a badass hairstyle.

25-Braided rows-

Now a day braid has become popular.

Because it adds up some handsomeness to your personality.

You will never look dull and boring with this cut.

Instead of that…

You will look so much more attractive and confident.


In order to get this cut braid your upper and side hair and finish it with a perfect top knot.

Believe me, you will rock this look.

This cut is suitable for the men with long shape face cut and the long, high volume of hair.

26- Simple  buzz cut-

It is a simple cut and it fits on the square and diamond face shaped heads.

To achieve this hairstyle you have to just trim your hair so short.

The good thing about this haircut is that it needs very low maintenance.

So that…

You don’t have to go to barber regularly because you do it yourself.

This cut is widely adopted by the men with a thin and low volume of hair.

Bonus tip:

(Identify your face cut in a simple way)

Now in the above post, we discussed some of the trending

hairstyles for men and  the aspects upon which they depend yet

there is an important thing about these aspects to remember which is…the shape cut of the face.  

To get a desirable hairstyle you must have the shape of the face

which will suit such hairstyle.

In a Nutshell…

In order to get a perfect hairstyle, you must have the appropriate

‘’shape of face/ Face cut’’. I already gave you a clue about the type of appropriate face cut under every trending hairstyle. Thus…

As technology is evolving, you can identify your face shape with  the use of your phone camera.

It is as simple as it sounds!

Take a selfie!

Then edit the photo by drawing the different shapes like Oval, round, diamond, square, heart.

Here you know easily what your face shape is.


We discussed the role of the ‘perfect haircut’ in the regular life of a man.

Then we talked about the some of the ‘’Trending hairstyles for men’’.
And the aspects upon which these hairstyles fit such as face cut/shape, etc.. and further I gave you some indications on

‘How to identify your face cut by the use of your phone camera’

Hence I can guarantee, this information can help you in getting yourself a perfect hairstyle that will rock your personality.

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