What To Wear in Goa

A scented blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures, enchanted with sun, sand, sea, food, and spirituality, Goa is a paradise.

The Susegad beauty seems to be floating in the air of Goa. The magic mixed with spirit of the place demands your coherence in knowing what to wear in Goa.

Poised on the western coast in Konkani region of the country, Goa dress wants your attention. Out for an early morning stroll or an electrifying night out here is a list of what to wear in Goa.

The first step in knowing what to wear in Goa is to know where you will be in Goa. Goa is not only a beach town it has architecture of gods, sprawling markets, great restaurants and a night life of beaches and clubs alike.

There are some must haves when it comes for dresses in Goa like separate dress of beaches and market like separate footwear for beaches and other places (you can’t stride on a sandy beach in your pencil heals on the other hand you can’t wear flip-flops on a starry night in a club.

Now let me tell you some of the ideas of dress up in style in Goa.

The average beach vacation includes a wide range of activities, from relaxing on hot sand to catching waves in crisp ocean water to land- and sea-based sports. Then there are long evenings of cool, breezy walks and hot nights on the dance floor.

Goa travellers should keep all these factors in mind when dressing for Goa. Items like sunglasses and swimsuits are obvious, but there’s also a variety of attire that’s necessary for any visit to Goa.

For Women

Dress in Goa with Stylewhile on a Beach

Be it the calmness of Agonda or the busyness of Colva or Palolem, you need a bathing suit and a pair of flip-flops or sandals. You’ll also want a light-coloured T-shirt or other comfortable shirt so that you can cover up when required.

You should pack cover-up attire like a chiffon skirt, wrap, sarong or tank cover-up for walking to and from the beach this makes your Goa dress complete.

The choice of kinies (monokines, bikinis etc) is yours but always wear a flip-flop and good quality sunglasses are a must.

Dress up for while in the water

If you’re of the kind who like flaunting and doesn’t shy away from showing some skin, go ahead wear whatever your heart desires. Goa is not a place which judges you on your appearance; in fact it welcomes the free spiritedness of your choice.

Accept it, not many of us are not comfortable with swimsuits and those small swimwear. Shorts and a tank top (or a racer back) top to the rescue for your dress in Goa. Make sure you don’t wear a denim shorts otherwise salts & sands will be with you for a long-long time.

Pro tip- Wear shorts with a very few or no pockets & always wear proper support under tour tank top. Chose a fabric which dries easily linen or cotton are a no brainer here.

Dress in Goa – the Non-beach Side

You’ll want to wear casual clothing for dinner and activities. Stay away from your normal party wear or formal attire from back home.

The spirit of goa demands your dress for Goa and no place else so dress goan.While the specific clothes will vary depending on the location and activity, women can wear tank tops, skirts/dresses and shorts.

Pro tip- Ladies stay away from cocktail dresses, the LBDs, minis and high heels make for which make lovely party wear in your city, Not while in Goa!

Dresses for Goa on formal events/occasions

While many beach-based restaurants and establishments have a flexible, resort-casual dress code. Sometimes you will want to wear nicer clothes in some restaurants or night clubs or at certain events.

Check into dress codes ahead of time and dress accordingly.

As rule of thumb ladies should stay away from fitted dresses, bling or anything that’s formal or too dressy. Instead opt for maxi dresses, printed summer dresses or maxi jump suits with some funky statement neckpiece. You certainly can’t go wrong with Gaon Dress.


Goa is serene not only in its beauty but also attitude towards colours and funk.

To keep track of time on those long, sleepy days on the beach, remember to wear a watch. Since you may be swimming and leaving your possessions unattended, wear a cheap, water-resistant watch on beach days.

Wear a dressy watch, rings and jewellery out to dinner or at formal events but leave them in the hotel safe when you’re juts sunning and swimming.

Go big on Hats, caps, scarves, colourful beach bags, etc. Ladies should love to funk up hairs with flowers or bandanas and love those statement necklaces and colourful beads.

Do experiment with those sunglasses… reflectors, different coloured lenses and funky shaped frames… they all add loads to that overall beach look!

Pro tip – Don’t wear your metal accessories into the water though and keep your expensive accessories at home, Goa wants you to experiment.

For Men

Dress in Goa with Stylewhile on a Beach

Men are allowed to go full swing for their Goan dress, they can try open shirts, sleeveless shirts, vests or open chested if you can pairit with nice linen shorts, sunglasses and flip flops.  

Dress up for while in the water

There should only be one dress code for men, when it comes to dress in goa while in water. This code is only bottoms and nothing on your chest. For those of you who are a bit conscious, sleeveless shirts and vests can be worn but only with frugality.

Dress in Goa – the Non-beach Side

While the specific clothes will vary depending on the location and activity, men should be both comfortable and presentable in polo shirts, shorts, socks and a pair of sneakers or other casual shoes.

Dresses for Goa on formal events/occasions

Formal events/occasions require formal attire, now while dressing up for Goa your formal is not exactly your city formal. Semi-formals and florals polos with nice light-coloured jackets are the way to go. Mix it with loafers and you are equipped for Goan night out.

Accessories for Men:

A nice cheap waterproof watch with some colourful beads around your neck (try rudraksh if you like that look) are few accessories which completes your dress for Goa. Caps/Hats/ sunglasses are a must to have and these are not exactly accessories per say.  

At the end beachwear should be minimal in size, not style while you decide on how to dress in Goa. Undressing to show off your latest bikini or swimming trunks goes without saying; other than that, shorts and a T-shirt. Leave your sneakers at your hotel:

All you need is flip-flops to protect your feet from the scalding sand when midday approaches. On sandy beaches, don’t walk around in your flip-flops unless strictly necessary, lest you accidentally kick sand on to your neighbour.

A celebration of colures, serenity, sandy beaches and rich culture defines what Goa is.

The biggest holiday destination for beach lovers and party animals alike despite being the smallest state of the country so get into the mood for Goa by dressing up for goa accordingly.

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